UFC 111 Weigh In – Georges St Pierre vs Dan Hardy, Mir vs Carwin

UFC 111 weigh in highlights from Newark, NJ GSP v Hardy, Carwin v Mir. For more exclusive MMA movies, UFC results, rumors, information and far more, check out www.heavy.com/mma/
Video Rating: four / five


  1. Motoruven says:

    Mir weighed in at 265? Shit!

  2. GirlzRule132 says:

    @randy13700 i think most of the world is behind him 🙂 lol

  3. GirlzRule132 says:

    GSP & SHANE CARWIN – woot 🙂

  4. CrimnlBT says:

    kinda funny to see what MONSTERS shane & frank are xD
    they are double as big as the most other fighters in the vid xD

  5. wewerelegend1 says:

    @azndragon4life I’m not sure where you heard this, but I took no-gi brazillian jui-jitsu at martial arts for 5 months, and no one at my class in any belt level did striking. I have friends in othere schools, and some schools MIX martials arts, like muy thai and jui jitsu, but no one I know has taken a just BJJ class that did more than a touch on striking.

  6. randy13700 says:


  7. RSixBoy says:

    @TJH6408 Craig Kukuk you say? I stand corrected.

  8. TJH6408 says:

    I happento be a purple belt under Craig kukuk the first american bjj black belt. I also happen to be a shodan in judo. There is a reason bjj is used more in mma than judo, because bjj is more practical. Judo had become pure sport just as much as football. No your right they dont hit each other training but when they train it for self defense you bet your ass they are taught where they can strike effectively and how to defend strikes among other things.

  9. RSixBoy says:

    @TJH6408 Has it occurred to you that royce strikes in all his fights because.. hes in a FIGHT?? Care to explain how on earth bjj is built towards self defense MORE than judo?? You obviously have no clue about bjj nor do you have any idea of what you are talking about because one of the basic principles of bjj drill/sparring is “NO STRIKING”. Sure there may be places where they incorporate striking, but its most likely through mma training. Traditionally bjj does NOT allow striking.

  10. TJH6408 says:

    @RSixBoy Like i said its the principle. Bjj is built more to withstand striking. Bjj is biult more towards self defense than judo. Traditional would mean back to its roots, and those roots are self defense. Where they teach how to defend strikes and apply them as well. watch every royce fight. Guess what? he strikes.

  11. RSixBoy says:

    @TJH6408 No, your talking about traditional japanese Ju-jutsu. They incorporate strikes along with their grappling. I have never heard/read/seen any places that teaches traditional bjj incorporate or emphasize any striking along with their ground work. If you can provide info on that, post it up for that would be quite interesting if what you say is true

  12. TJH6408 says:


    its the principle. Helio never intended bjj to be a sport. As such when the gracie went to battle other people they got used to functioning under striking and would even strike to open up a submission. So yes bjj uses more strikes than judo. just not the sport version. How often have you seen judo used as a self defense? Or judo and striking? never.

  13. Wh1teB0ii369 says:

    @azndragon4life Oh btw Fitch’s record is 13-1 so I wouldn’t say he got owned since he lost to the #2 p4p best fighter.

  14. TassinUSN says:

    @RSixBoy could’nt have said it better myself.

  15. hondahp18 says:

    i hate weigh ins, there so pointless

  16. OverTimeMods says:

    War? lmao more like domination. GSP got 14 takedowns out of 14 attempts haha

  17. MrRandom182 says:

    lmao look at matt riddles hair

  18. lolalola561 says:

    whos the second guy that gets called ?

  19. 4pl3x says:

    @BackEddy29 yea but the chicks are their because of joe rogan;)

  20. ignats18 says:

    wheres dan hardys tats

  21. RSixBoy says:

    @azndragon4life what are you talking about?? brazilian jiu jitsu doesn’t incorporate more striking -_-… yeah its roots are from judo, but it is a grappling art with the emphasis on ground technique while judo is more about throws… bjj does NOT incorporate more striking than judo

  22. DeadlyNinja1702 says:

    hahaha george said…i wana take him out too..what a bad ass

  23. lebnen143 says:


  24. rockerD1717 says:

    Lmao joe rogan noticed too.

  25. rockerD1717 says:

    Matt brown let the ring girls get to him. Forgot your cup man? Use duct tape next time, i would have to seeing arianni, lol.