UFC 111 Georges St. Pierre Vs Dan Hardy Frank Mir Shane Carwin goin Toe to Toe -ToddMMA

Metal by Ninth Circle: www.youtube.com UFC 111… gonna be excellent… if I didn’t see most of the fights goin to choice. But ideally this is one particular of the handful of instances I’m incorrect. -Todd
Video Rating: four / five


  1. Concept0000 says:

    ROFL. watch todd’s vids with the Transcribe Audio CC. Its mad funny how they translate his acsent.. Keep up the good predictions!

  2. dilensjan says:

    ai nice todd
    now a prediction of the 17th april strikeforce event!! (GEGARD!!)

  3. kav1114 says:

    now we know whos mom fucked biily bob playing sling blade,. you dumb fuck,…

  4. mazayAbapl says:


  5. Metallica09Tapout says:

    damn ..i think this is the worst predictions youve done yet. but good vid todd. keep em up.ufc 112 mutha fooka .got most of em right but they seem as legit as usual.pce todd

  6. anfbadboy says:

    @limeduck08 i agree but fans don;t wanna see that.. then him apoloize for not finishing the fight when thats like 4 times now.. He aint a finisher anymore

  7. anfbadboy says:

    @limeduck08 true but he’s done that to almost everyone.. he did that same shit to BJ Penn and Alves.. Alves would have KO his ass.. and in the fight with BJ they say GSP was greased up and you can also see a clip on you tube of phil nurse putting vaseline on his shouilder.. can you say illegal?

  8. limeduck08 says:

    I do wish he had beat him up more, it would have been a better fight for sure. But why not take the guy down if he’s not good enough there to ever get back to his feet

  9. limeduck08 says:

    Also, badboy, GSP took his back 4 or 5 times. That’s not advancing your position? He slipped off the top every time and was too high, and then he put hardy on his back again everytime. I think most people would give GSP the advantage in the stand up game anyways. It’s just the only place Hardy had a chance, not the place he was superior. GSP has been fighting more not to lose, than to knock people out. Eliminating the chances of a lucky punch. And it seems to be working

  10. limeduck08 says:

    It wouldn’t have mattered, hardy couldnt throw a punch without getting taken down.
    The ref could have stood em up 20 times and the same thing would have happened over and over. If Hardy could wrestle at all, he would have gotten up more himself. It’s not just the refs job to get the person losing the fight off his back

  11. villaguitarist309 says:

    i cant believe anyone would vote against GSP. hes that good

  12. anfbadboy says:

    @TexasAmateur you know you really are just that if you call GSP knocking someone out.. when the last time thats happened? cuz his last 4 or 5 fights have been laying on opponents bro.. GSP has become almost a 1 dimensional fighter just like Matt Hughes used to.. oh wait GSP also uses the crucifx position in almost every fight.. I wonder where he got that from? hmmm. GSP used to show well rounded skills now he shows he’s becoming a wrestler

  13. anfbadboy says:

    @xkillaz18x LMFAO@ GSP TKO.. hahaha.. RIGHT

  14. anfbadboy says:

    then they gave Jones position back after a rest and allowed him to land a elbow to Veras eye? was a bullshit ref call man.. their officiating is definately starting to suck.. but wait? thats not actually new everyone already knew that.. Decision dan? hmm I think GSP is headed there fact is he never hurt Alves, he never did any real damage to Hardy, He beat Fitch but Fitch was still in the fight, and its controversional whether he greased against Penn or not.

  15. anfbadboy says:

    also Shane Carwin should have gotten penalized for shots to the back of the head.. I can’t wait for Strikefrorce to pass the UFC they put on way better and more exciting fights.. Their production is way better and it seems the guys on their roster actually do come to fight.. and try to win anyway they can.. Also you see in the Jon Jones Vera fight? they called Vera and took a point for a fucking upkick when Jones was standing then dropped to a knee repititively..

  16. anfbadboy says:

    Yo Todd you see them punches to the back of the head that Carwin landed on Mir? I mean yea he won but also the UFC has become terrible in their reffereeing.. in that GSP fight they should have stood them up a number of times because GSP wasn’t advancing which is now typical of the “now days” GSP.. becoming a boring fighter. Palhares broke Drwal fucking leg and he tapped for fucking 5 seconds or more then dude claimed he didn’t know it..

  17. anfbadboy says:

    @sinkryap you hit the nail right on the head bro.. GSP has become so 1 dimensional its rediculous.. he knew Dan Hardy would knock him the fuck out.. people aint gonna pay to see him lay on his opponent and not do shit.. theres ALOT of times in that fight that shit should have been stood up.. Alot of times GSP didn’t advance position or land strikes.. Ref didn’t do his job.. when they stood it was typical GSP takedowns..

  18. NinjaFaced420 says:

    you a mad hater, can’t make everything right. you always pick the favorite dont you bitch?

  19. BbaLkAn88 says:

    Todd man your usually really good but this time a bit off 🙂

  20. humorisuss says:

    dude u suck dick at predictions rofl.. i was dead on u are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy offf hahahahahahhahaha go carwin!!!!!!!!!!!!! frist round victory …. and gsp tossed hardy around like a little bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. pissballs says:

    So easy to talk after the fact but after watching the first predict was off, second you were close on the analysis but took Mir anyhow. GSP took every takedown he tempted but I was hoping Dan would find an opening on GSP to show him that love he promised but he was completely overpowered. Dan had alot of Hearty and endurance I give him that for sure.

  22. Sabaition says:

    @shortys00100 He’s talking about his opinion that it wsa BS that Forest beat Rampage but simple leg kicking him all day. He talked about it when talking about Machida/Shogun. How actually fighting doesnt win fight, throwing leg kicks wins a UFC fight, lol.

  23. hugegiantfrogs says:

    he meant Rampage should never have lost to Forrest. having watched that fight live, and then again replay, there is no way the judges should have had Forrest winning that shit, and Rampage definitly should have won the decision, even if by split decision. the reality is, to take the belt, you have to TAKE THE BELT, not borrow it, or squeek out some bullshit dance around like forrest did

  24. hugegiantfrogs says:

    Todd is the Man! Hey Todd, i hope you read this, I am a huge GSP fan, but you are right, and man, im fucking scared for GSP right now, even though i think he’s going to win. Im tired of people acting like there isn’t unpredictability in the UFC. YOU NEVER KNOW WTF IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

  25. G0left says:

    Hardy doesn’t have the reach.