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Lombard wants Georges St. Pierre fight

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is coming out of retirement, according to Cuban born UFC star Hector Lombard and he wants to set up a fight against him. The UFC could be making its long awaited debut in Australia with UFC 193 and former Aussie resident wants to […]

How to Train Like an MMA fighter

Post by Sai Thakur A single point I feel absolutely everyone can agree on is that MMA fighters are someof the most match athletes in the world. These mixed martial artsathletes don’t get this fit by coincidence. They carry out highintensity MMA workout routines. There is a big variety of MMA trainingprograms out there but […]

The Ultimate Fighter

Post by hi joiney SeasonsThe Ultimate Fighter: Staff Liddell vs. Crew Ortiz (March 31, 2010 – June 2010) – MiddleweightsThe Final Fighter: Heavyweights (September sixteen, 2009 December 5, 2009) HeavyweightsThe Final Fighter: United States vs. United Kingdom (April one, 2009 June twenty, 2009) Welterweights and LightweightsThe Greatest Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Staff Mir (September 17, […]

Georges St Pierre- A True Fighter

A tribute to the one of the greatest MMA fighters in UFC. This video depicts his training early one and his bouts. He loses a fight which really hits him harder than any punch ever could. He retrains to become stronger and be the champion he was meant to be. A video describing his perseverence […]