St-Pierre and Hardy Combo Preview

Will Hardy be in a position to take absent Georges St-Pierres’s belt? Find out on Saturday when UFC 111 comes to you Stay on Pay-Per-See or at 7pm PT/ 10pm ET.


  1. Amber8Helen says:

    And those WWE fan kids bitch about how UFC fighters lack charisma to build up a fight. . . That is a great promo. Especially the creepy music and Hardy’s maniac glare in the end!

  2. ViolentDeath88 says:

    does anyone know the name of the song at the beginning of the video?

  3. fabledogify says:

    @piratebri He didn’t stop dumb ass

  4. piratebri says:

    i wish hardy didnt stop fighting after that match…

  5. cmsa2002 says:

    whats the song called in the beggining of the video,it sounds cool

  6. ChanseDillavou says:

    @ziNtUiTioN Funny, but true. My comment may have been facetious, but it was true nonetheless. Hardy had no takedown defense, or it just wasn’t good enough for George’s takedowns….but not too many people have what it takes to avoid a GSP double leg.

  7. ziNtUiTioN says:

    @ChanseDillavou Thats pretty funny…dumbass

  8. KoolDudester says:

    Hardy may not have done a lot in that fight, but his spirit and will not to submit were amazing to behold in their own right. That fight got me excited to see more of Hardy, now that he has an idea of what it means to be a challenger.

  9. mlisdy says:

    bad boyzzzz…

  10. DramaticsCA says:

    @jonusuarz13 he won by points he didnt even really hit him.

  11. jonusuarz13 says:

    GSP’s armbar is very tough!!

  12. ChanseDillavou says:

    Maybe Hardy’s focus should have been to put hip to mat as many times as possible so that he didn’t get taken down every time he was on his feet lol

  13. ChanseDillavou says:

    @HackerBoy003 lol….da-dur.

  14. Joel0277 says:

    Does anyone else think Hardy sounds like absolute Shit! Lol. And G S Pierre says “I don’t want to only win I want to take him OUT!!” Lool dayum right bye bye hardy harr harr lmaoo

  15. DoLoveNoWar says:

    @YourWeedSucks Indeed Dan Hardy has been dominated : /

  16. HolteEnder85 says:

    @HackerBoy003, he already lost.

  17. HackerBoy003 says:


  18. YourWeedSucks says:

    GSP that was a great fight. You neutralized Dan Hardy, and you stayed with your game plan. You used your common sense. All the people who talked trash about you are not real MMA, or GSP fan. The ones that booed you are bunch of idiots, and they are a disgrace. Dan Hardy did not even land a punch. He was out muscled, out skilled, and everything.

  19. spudster999 says:

    was it a good fight?

    also does anyone know where i can watch th actual fight? please contact me

  20. IPTKI says:

    ”When I put a beating on the feet” Yeah ..Sprawl and have some proper takedowndefense ffs ..

    I know that GSP is the best when it comes to takedowns but it seemed that Hardy didn’t even try .

    Have a lot of respect for Hardy though. Lot of guys would have probably tapped twice in that fight .

  21. StruddleToaster says:

    if he wants to walk out with his pijamas thats fine XD lol fuckin dude

  22. dirtyminded604 says:

    Go watch K1 instead. all they do is stand up, that would probably suit you better. This is MMA, not kickboxing. and if you call that laying on top of them you need your vision checked. Georges was putting on a fuckin clinic, and you wouldn’t even be posting if Hardy tapped out in the first round. So please stop, you just sound like an idiot.

  23. dirtyminded604 says:

    You found a guy that got absolutely dominated more exciting to watch?. If you’re into guys laying on their back, getting tossed around like rag dolls, and grimacing in pain with submissions you need to get your head checked.

  24. lapukas says:


  25. lapukas says: