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Native american amazing grace

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Not long after the first publication of Amazing Grace with the New Britain melody, the relocation of the Cherokee peoples from the Southeastern U.

Many perished on the difficult journey, but because of poor conditions, the Cherokee were not always able to give their dead amaznig full burial. Instead, the singing of Amazing Grace had to suffice.

Here is a vocal duet sung in the Cherokee language. It adventurous person from a CD of Gospel music that was given away to visitors during the Cherokee Native american amazing grace Holiday, and is available on the Cherokee National official web site.

Maazing have no information on the singers … please contact me if you have more information on this recording:. Flutopedia version 4. All rights reserved.

To cite this page on Wikipedia: Then … there came the reign of terror. From the jagged-walled stockades the troops fanned out across the Nation, invading every hamlet, every cabin, rooting out the inhabitants at bayonet point.

The Cherokees hardly had time to realize what was happening as they were prodded like so many sheep toward the concentration camps, threatened with knives and pistols, beaten with rifle butts if they resisted.

I have native american amazing grace information on the singers … please contact me if you have more information on this recording: Cherokee-language vocal duet Cherokee-language vocal duet.