Lombard wants Georges St. Pierre fight

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is coming out of retirement, according to Cuban born UFC star Hector Lombard and he wants to set up a fight against him.

The UFC could be making its long awaited debut in Australia with UFC 193 and former Aussie resident wants to make the first UFC event a memorable one by fighting one of the greatest Mixed Martial Arts fighters in the world in Rush.

In a recent interview, Lombard said that if, for some reason, he cannot fight for the title, then he would love to have a fight against Georges St. Pierre. He added that he knows Rush is coming out of self imposed sabbatical or semi retirement and he would love to go head to head against him in Australia, which, according to him, would be quite a shocker.

Although it wouldn’t be a headlining fight, Tom Wright, the UFC’s Director of Operations in Canada and Australia said that the promotion was looking to have two fights for its debut in the country.

He said that everyone gets one chance to make a first impression, adding he remembers how the first event in Canada was treated as a Super Bowl by the UFC and he wants to make the Aussie debut with a bang.

A fight between GSP and Lombard, who spent majority of his career fighting in Australia, would be enough to make a huge first impression. Lombard is climbing up the table in the UFC and he believes a fight against GSP would land him a win.

He said that his wrestling is improving and he can take a blow as well and it would be difficult for Georges St. Pierre to get him on the mat and a standing fight favors him.