Georges To Schedule Fight With Bisping

Michael Bisping has been looking to win Georges St Pierre’s ire, and it looks as if he might have succeeded.

He stated recently that the title fight is being delayed but Georges probably because he has tiny testes, another way of saying that he does not have the balls for the fight. This has definitely caught the attention of most and most media reports are buzzing with such comments. This critical comment of Bisping is with reference to an impending fight for the middleweight title that probably Rush is putting off till he hits puberty. Many are wondering why the fight is being delayed, whether it is has anything to do with drug testing protocols.

Bisping made the comment as his response to being frustrated about Georges not scheduling the fight.

He stated humorously that probably Georges is taking protein shakes and doing bicep curls till he thinks he is physically ready and big enough to take on the fight. However the stalling is not only Georges’ fault as Bisping has also stalled the fight on his part. The bickering is on about where the fight should be and meanwhile, Yoel Romero is waiting by to get a crack at the title as well. He is waiting for the fight to be scheduled after the fight between Bisping and Rush take place. Hence, the world of boxing fans seems to be waiting for the fight between Georges and Bisping to take place. Luke Rockhold however, thinks that Georges might not be able to defend his title even if he is able to defeat Bisping. Georges is a legend in the welterweight category and he has signed to a new contract with the UFC in the month of February. A fight between him and Bisping is due which will probably take place later in the year.