Georges St-Pierre talks Olympics Dreams, New Calendar, Dan Hardy Trash Talk

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  1. Chrisbrown762 says:

    yeah If you think about it nobody does

  2. doublebassaxisdrummr says:

    @SolidSnake032486 i hate to say it, but you are probably right. he might be able to do ok, but i highly doubt he could win. i love gsp, but realistically i dont think he could win. obviously he can in mma though.

  3. dohertyz says:

    GSP laughs like Squidward haha

  4. canada995 says:

    @kovacsisgay yaaaaaaaaa…..WoOOOOOooT

  5. kovacsisgay says:

    @canada995 3gs a month playa playaaa… congrats you may now rent a trailer and finance a used sunfire wooooot.

  6. dsettleascii says:

    gsp reminds me of the guy that at first glance u hate but after u get to know him hes the greatest guy ever

  7. Jamaicanwhiteboy12 says:

    @PopCherriesNotBombs well, dan didnt do too good in the title shot, but you must admit he had serious heart and never gave up.

  8. TheMrpalid says:

    dan hardy did not deserve the title shot, the ufc was trying to pull more UK fans and interest to the sport so they gave him the shot

  9. TheDrCheese says:

    @amirghorbani or takes him down

  10. SolidSnake032486 says:

    George would probably get owned in the Olympics but I would love to watch him compete.

  11. amirghorbani says:

    imagine when he whipped out the calender gsp gets really pissed and head kicks him

  12. Fupper16 says:

    0:53 He’s blushing! Ha! Ha!

  13. cwilson2K8 says:

    I think that GSP can move up a weight class and wipe the floor with Anderson Silva. Sorry, but after seeing Silva dick around in his last fight, he seriously needs to book his ideas up!

    I’m interested to see if GSP does train for wrestling and train for the Olympics!

  14. canada995 says:

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  15. canada995 says:

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  17. Xytos says:

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  18. Xytos says:

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  19. canada995 says:

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  20. Xytos says:

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  21. canada995 says:

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  24. canada995 says:

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  25. Xytos says:

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