The UFC 206 would be missing a former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre (GSP) as recent indications suggest that he would not be making any appearance in the Octagon.

Recent report had filtered in earlier this fall revealing that GSP had declared himself a free agent as his arrangement with MMAAA has failed to pass through.

Recall that late in October a controversy has broken out between the fighter and the UFC. GSP had then announced that the UFC breached its contract with him, therefore he was a free agent, however the UFC had refuted the claims insisting that GSP was still under contract with the company.

Responding to the dispute Jim Quinn, GSP’s lawyer, pointed out that the contract with his client has run its course and as such is duly terminated. He added that the UFC may either offer to renew his client’s contract, or take legal action against the fighter. Quinn further accused the UFC of not offering fights to his client.

GPS’s lawyer has stated that the underlying issue that constituted the breach of contract was the fact that the UFC had failed to allocate fights to GSP. Quinn claims that St-Pierre has never received an actual bout agreement. In an effort to reach a compromise, he gave the UFC 10 days to offer St-Pierre a fight. However they delayed response until the final day of the ultimatum, and offered former welterweight champion Robbie Lawler; a fight that never held.

A lot has changed since GSP had signed the contract with UFC in 2018. ESPN story has pointed out that some of the changes include; Reebok as the new UFC official clothier and that fighters are not permitted to have sponsored outside the official UFC sponsors. They also pointed out that GSP has had non-UFC sponsors including a deal with Under Armour.

However, no decision has been made by either parties at the moment, and both parties seem reluctant to file a lawsuit against the other, however there’s bound to be a decision on the matter in 2017.