Georges St-Pierre breaks down Dan Hardy

St-Pierre explains the troubles of remaining champion whilst acquiring a target on your back. Observe UFC 111 on Saturday March 27th at 7pm PT/ 10pm ET on Pay-Per-View or to see if St-Pierre can retain his title. Check out for much more info.


  1. AznboiY2J says:

    @HmongYou2Tube if they want to see stand up fighting they should watch K-1 or Boxing or something…this is MMA

  2. bonnie5726 says:

    Dan Hardy? fuckin awesome
    GSP? even more awesome
    The Fight they had?

  3. hugegiantfrogs says:

    Dan Hardy definitly didnt deserve that title shot, but after the fight he earned a shit-ton of respect from me for hanging in there and not tapping, incredible.

  4. wade2thehamilton says:

    its harder to come champion its even harder to stay champion.. oh georges

  5. reepermaple says:

    that progressive commercial was pointless

  6. Fradoodypaps says:

    This has to be said – GSP deserved to win, obviously. He is just a generally better fighter at the peak of his game. That said, Dan Hardy is my favourite MMA fighter. He’s young, aggressive and a fuckin’ warrior. GSP got him in some painful locks and couldve broken his arm, but Hardy didnt tap. Much respect

  7. progyrocky says:

    It’s always easier to be a fan of a losing fighter by blaming the champion. GSP has dominated Penn, Fitch , Hardy and Alves in the stand-up and won every round. Every challenger has tried to beat GSP any possible way , and all have met the same fate. The real question is , “What has any fighter done to make a WW championship competitive?'” The answer is “nothing”. Was the belt ever in doubt? …Not for a second.
    Please think for a second, the champion has easily won 8X in a row!

  8. krazy703 says:

    before this fight i didnt know who dan hardy was but after it i became a fan of his!!! true warrior!! didnt tap twice!!!

  9. Xiethetuber says:

    so GSP won right?

  10. bballsh4h says:

    @youngstunna79 well i m sorry Mr. Fighting Expert.. why don’t you go say Judo is better than wrestling to all the UFC Champions or former champs who all started with wrestling as their base? and mainly, its not about which martial art is better, its about which practitioner is better at what each of them do..

  11. youngstunna79 says:

    @bballsh4h Many casual viewers of the UFC don’t know much about martial arts. Juijitsu also originated in China called Chin Na. It was for the old Chinese army. Also, Judo would beat wrestling. Wrestling doesn’t have near the dept of Judo. UFC fighters would do better if they learned Judo instead of wrestling. Wrestling is primitive compared to Judo.

  12. youngstunna79 says:

    @bballsh4h Judo is better. Anyway, i practice juijitsu, Muay Thai and some wrestling, I have a TKD background. I practiced Military TKD, since my Grand Master was the teacher for the Mexican Army. If you want to be really straight up, all the moves that I learned for REAL fighting are all not legal in the UFC. Real fighting is actually extremely violent, I don’t think you know what I am talking about. Military TKD (where it actually came from not the sparring bullshit) is the real shit.

  13. bballsh4h says:

    @youngstunna79 BELIEVE ME.. if u ever get in a fight with a bjj practitioner or a wrestler, looking gay on the ground is gonna be the last of your worries 🙂

  14. CaliforniaKid408 says:

    GSP didn’t knock out Jon Fitch..

  15. spyderchihustler says:

    @MindofaJedi actually Fitch was KOed by Wilson Gouveia. Thats actually why he started cross training in MMA. I’de give you the that he hasn’t been finished in the ufc thats true. One loss,Una Decision. to GSP

  16. MindofaJedi says:

    @ThirtyandSeven He didn’t knock out Fitch , they went to decision . Fitch has never been finished . I agree with most of what you were saying though .

  17. nitrofreeze says:

    @HmongYou2Tube so true…

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  20. thecamelsalesman says:

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  21. youngstunna79 says:

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