George St. Pierre Highlights

Title says it all


  1. foodcool1212 says:

    @sk8ter4life5407 yeah , but gsp is not heavyweight

  2. danthefighter16 says:

    @sk8ter4life5407 we will never be .. …

  3. sk8ter4life5407 says:

    fedor is better

  4. zzzhuh says:

    Chuck Norris ain’t shit compared to this man

  5. jamtoz says:

    i fucking hate all the vids that have dreamscape or this song in them!!! bwe gsp is the best!

  6. mCtk43 says:

    great highlits man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. BRASCO7 says:

    GSP’s perfect excuses when asked fighting with silva.
    1)difficulties about gaining and losin weight and how it does effect on his performance.
    BJ who is naturally LW jumps into LHW & the spider going up and down even was willing 2 revenge 4 his friend minotauro when he’s defeated by frank mir.
    but when that doesnt work option B always work for him
    2)that he’s already champ & doesnt necessarily need another belt
    go check his interviews
    & dana packed up his shit after sensing the fear

  8. crysteeezy says:

    another point i’d like to make: dana white is a greedy mother fucker, he’ll make fans watch all of silva’s fights, all of GSP’s fights, but probably won’t write the bout for a long ass time while he suckles the teet out of you fans. given that said, he’ll wait for one of the two to fall off; take for example, wanderlei and chuck. damn the system..

  9. crysteeezy says:

    it’s “my shooter” by groovecutter. im not a techno fan but this doesn’t sound like dreamscape at all.

  10. TheElpapanator says:

    whats the actual name of this song? its not step up by drowning pool thats for sure

  11. brewse64 says:

    GSP had fights with tough guys,real warriors……….silva fought 1 tough fight …..sonnen……(and just for the record griffen was way,way,WAAAAAYYYYYY out of his league)……hard to say man,i think GSP is in for another battle…….i’m willing to bet no matter what the outcome,they gonna fight more then once

  12. MrBajunkas says:

    @R3js dont get me wrong, i’m a huge GSP fan, but if you think that GSP is going to go in and sub Silva right away thats not going to happen because they are both BJJ black belts. I understand GSP is well rounded, but if Anderson works on his take down defenses, GSP is going to a lot of problems.

  13. R3js says:

    GSP is WAY more allrounded than Silva.
    Silva got great standup, sure. But GSP is very skilled aswell. But GSP got more skill in all other cathegorys so in fight between em, i vote GSP. but its 50/50.

  14. R3js says:

    GSP is a very smart fighter.
    I would rather beable to fight to win, stay champion for a long time and earn more money.

  15. Razken89 says:

    @ArthurDio You wish :p

  16. jordan134tube says:

    how can anyone say matt hughes is the best welterweight champion ever? GSP snatched the title off him. if silva steps into the cage with this animal he’ll have to stay on his feet because if they end up on the floor its game over. I LOVE ST PIERRE <3

  17. ArthurDio says:

    Silva will kick GSP ass!!!!

  18. MrBajunkas says:

    GSP is a great fighter, but it is sad how he’s come to his lay and pray ways. GSP’s stand up is no where near Silva’s and would probalby get picked apart the whole time as he tries and fails to bring down Silva,

    Silva is too good for GSP to handle.

  19. bboylala says:

    goodbye anderson

  20. TheJuanra1 says:

    gsp will give a fucking sorry performance against anderson silva. gsp is boring and runs around , he is not spectacular. him anad floyd mayweather are bed buddies who win on points and decisions. they never convince the public. anderson silva will kill gsp and fuck what the gsp nutthuggers say. i hope this fight takeds place.

  21. fuzzyeyebrowss says:

    If Gsp win his next fight against Jake Shields he probably will fight versus Anderson Silva,imo will be one of the best fights ever…

  22. Oraite says:

    @MidwestKid616 AIEheiuhE, totally agreed.


    @MidwestKid616 LMAO, you’re funny.

  24. MidwestKid616 says:

    Silva would make gsp his wife

  25. jasonatme says: