George “Rush” St. Pierre Highlights

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. treter159 says:

    @TheSefik07 mma is crazy never know what can happen

  2. Dudemiesterr29 says:

    Georges St Pierre…MMA’s break dancing, hard hitting, crazy french fuck

  3. Nosajaetodis says:

    @TheSefik07 Guess grapplers don’t always win when they can get knocked out by a single massive frontal kick to face huh?

  4. Hacim95 says:

    St. Pierre is a monster. Scary dude haha. I see him beating Jake Shields… Gonna be a good fight, but GSP ftw! Bring on Silva!!!

  5. SALDIBZZ says:

    @aussiebennie Til I Collapse

  6. aussiebennie says:

    song anyone pls?

  7. thestrokesfan1 says:

    @TheSefik07 I’m am very sure that Jake Shields can out grapple GSP

  8. gontsimone says:

    I have a lot respect for GSP…but let’s face the truth..his no match for silva, silva would make him look ridiculous
    GSP is great in his category , but this fight could mess up with his career…I don’t like silva man, seriously I think he is very show off but he would simply destroy gsp…The only guy who can stop him is shogun with his agressive and intensive style.

  9. Jokerizbadass says:

    Its official once GSP beats Shields GSP is moving on up to 185 to fight Silva!!!!

  10. MrReborn2kill says:

    ppl who said Sonnen controlled Silva, that was because Sonnen was on steroids and Silva with injured ribs!
    that why him was so wierd in that match!

  11. pepelacdt says:

    bad song

  12. gaahleandro182 says:

    Song – Eminem Till I’ll Collapse ft. Nate Dogg

  13. rafamadrigal12 says:

    i need a fade.

  14. crazyblunt says:

    @TheSefik07 well We Dont Know the Answer till it Really Happends

  15. pelopota says:

    @shimby916 Well he well get 1 more moment of greatness with jake shields. But anderson vs gsp is happening right after that.

  16. PhukAdvertisements says:

    @TheSefik07 Agreed. The most dominant grappling I’ve ever seen was St. Pierre/Trigg. He ran a clinic on Trigg for 4 minutes. His guard passing is 2nd to none. He’s simply amazing on the ground. He doesn’t “lay n pray” like haters say: he takes you down & is constantly working for better position. He’s also a great Champ to have because he’s so humble. Such a great representative for the sport. He’ll be on top for a long time. Shields is a great fighter, but St. Pierre is in a league of his own.

  17. raiderguy2012 says:

    one of the best ufc fighters ever

  18. shimby916 says:

    Tbh I dont really want to see Anderson vs GSP… for the reason that Anderson will absolutely ruin GSP… and after that happens, GSP aint the same fighter or same champion that he was… I really really want him to kick some more ass before that happens

  19. Hairbuddy says:

    @TheSefik07 Uh dude pretty sure Jake Shields outgrapples GSP..but we will see later

  20. steverrj says:

    hury up and fight silva alreay we dont wanna wach anymore of ur bullshit 5 round fight

  21. changoooo123 says:

    This guy is unbelievable, he has avenged all his losses in brutal fashion, this man right here is meant to be the greatest of all times.

  22. iFihz says:

    Who won Pierre or Hardy?

  23. TheObelix876 says:

    @themixmartialartist aye misunderstood you, there is only one person who holds a title in mma and K-1 though 😛 Overeem :p

  24. danilo00able says:

    iam brasil more GSP is the best……

  25. themixmartialartist says:

    @TheObelix876 no neither couture or bj did that…they really did hold ufc belts in 2 difrent weight classes but not at the same time 🙂 Randy is a 5 time ufc champion…but when he was HW champion he didn’t have the LHW championship then he lost the HW tittle to Josh Barnett…then he won the LHW tittle from Tito and lost it to chuck Liddell he went to a rubber match with Liddell Chuck defended the belt and then Randy retired…Randy came from retirement to Win the HW tittle from Silvya…