Belcher Breakdown: UFC 154 GSP Georges St. Pierre VS Carlos Condit

Online video Score: 4 / 5


  1. HolyCrapAA says:

    Awesome breakdown. Always been a GSP fan (Alan too ofc;) so its nice to see
    a professional fighter break down his fight. So who do you think is the
    biggest threat to GSP today? I think Hendricks has a punchers chance (like
    Serra) but in 3-5 rounds he doesnt stand a chance. I also think a
    superfight against Silva would give GSP the edge for a few reasons, GSP has
    that forward Sonnen type style that is effective against Silva, Silva has
    never fought anybody that is as precise and fast as GSP.

  2. HolyCrapAA says:

    Btw, sorry if my spelling is of (english is my third language)

  3. Alfred Kong says:

    awesome breakdown. GSP! FIGHT OF THE YEAR.

  4. swhite6 says:

    Belcher should be doing some of the TV work for Fuel, this guy is a great
    analyst and natural in front of the camera.

  5. abscrete says:

    IMAO Condit won that fight just looking at the face of GSP at the end and
    Condit did more damage but UFC gives more points for controlling the fight
    which I dont agree I dont fully like the rules they should give lot more
    points who is trying to finish and do more damage just ask Alan Belcher
    against the Huger (Yushin Okami) it was a very frustrating fight to watch
    being a belcher fan Okami didnt want to end the fight he didnt ground and
    pound didnt try to submit

  6. AlwonDomz says:

    I liked where Condit, despite being on bottom would lock up GSP’s leg like
    a leg lock and kinda have GSP in a position where his head was expose to
    Condit’s hammerfists from the the bottom, which attributed quite a bit of
    damage to GSP’s head. Condit is always working something

  7. AndrewN553 says:

    thanks alan loving the videos you are an amazing fighter next MW champ!

  8. MrRickjitsu says:

    Hey Belcher…did ya have to take a leak while filmin’ the beginning of
    this breakdown or what?!!Lol… …oh yeah…and you proved what kinda
    piece o’s*%# you are when you intentionally spiked Patrick Cote…you
    puke…. …now go ahead and flag this as spam so nobody can read

  9. warfarealien says:

    yo this is really good analysis, was not expecting you to be this detailed
    and thorough

  10. nmr20067 says:

    Good breakdown.

  11. weirdballs says:

    Great defensive jiu jitsu on GSP.

  12. alan belcher says:


  13. seatown2000 says:

    I heard a couple drunk guys at the bar who sounded just like this guy.

  14. Irish Maniac says:

    best breakdown yet

  15. abscrete says:

    You are right im with you on that but still you never know in a fight
    everything its possible what im saying its that hendricks does present a
    danger for GSP, Its a bit like when GSP fought Thiago Alves he was very
    dangerous but GSP just took him to the ground every time and Alves couldnt
    do anything, hendricks its a better wrestler will see sounds like a good
    fight to me, but definitely I would love to see a Condit vs GSP 2 I was
    impress by the way Condit fought the first

  16. jozsefkacsa says:

    Well That’s what everybody said about
    Koscheck,Fitch,Penn,Trigg,Parisian,Hughs.Look up the Jon Jones interview
    when he says that he couldn’t believe when he was grappling with GSP and
    GSP was taking him down and he never get’s taken down ever,not even by
    heavy weights!Rick Story made up the blue print how to beat Hendricks push
    him against the fans take him down and ground and pound!GSP will never get
    caught with that right left combo and if Johnny keeps saying GSP is afraid
    he’s making an error

  17. abscrete says:

    gsp hasn’t show knock out power in years so if he cant stop hendricks by ko
    he will be in danger for 5 rounds and thats something gsp dont want so i
    guess he willl try to control on the ground as always but hendricks looks
    like wont be easy to controll with such wrestling credentials so he may end
    being the next wweight champion so if gsp wants to keep on the winning side
    he definitely need to do what it takes to start ending fights by ko or
    submission and not just by point on ground control!!

  18. darren bushby says:

    alan who did you get your black belt from do you train in the gi, good luck
    against okami

  19. jozsefkacsa says:

    I really liked Hendricks before,but shit he annoys the shit out of
    me!Everytime his on a show or an Iterview,he keeps bitching and,saying St
    Pierre is afraid of him!I’mean Johny,it’s done GSP will fight iaz!And it’s
    not coz GSP is”Terrified”of”Mighty,Zeus”Henricks,but coz Diaz dissed him
    and called him a pussy faker and liar!And no matter what if he”have”to be
    pissed off at someone,than be pissed at D.White!No matter what GSP asks
    for,White has to make the final decision!CONTINUE ABOVE!!!

  20. TheGrizzzle says:

    Hey Belcher, Pretty sure GSP has nothing for anderson silva. Silva has
    amazing standup where as GSP doesn’t have the best standup… Decent Boxing
    but Silva would knock him out standing.

  21. Fabio Vetro says:

    Great channel, I subscribed. Bravo Alan!!! Fabio from Italy

  22. forzaazzurri101 says:

    Alan Belcher thank you for posting shit like this. You’re awesome.

  23. jozsefkacsa says:

    CONTINUE FROM BELLOW:And love it how Johny telling everyone how
    he”knows”what to do and stop GSP’s takedowns coz he was a WrestlerSaying
    that he seesGSP’s movements and understand what his doing and can stop it
    easyLMAO!Thing is everyone knows GSP wangt to take’em down but cannot stop
    it.I know Johny was a Gr8 Collegiate wrestler,but GSP trains with Olympic
    level Wrestlers that’s why he became so good without Pedegree!Well Johny’s
    going to piss GSP off and he’ll train5 times harder to beat Johny

  24. cujo905 says:

    UFC 155 Dec 29th against Yushin Okami. Stacked card too

  25. sam newman says:

    great breakdown alan, really liking the videos and cant wait for your fight
    with okami.