UFC 158: Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz GREAT TRAILER

Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. MrColdwatercanyon says:


  2. ThreshPrinceOfBelAir says:

    Looks like his mom is living another day

  3. Boby Lantin says:

    ahah so mad.. Guess what GSP still the champ and guess what again why
    fighter cant handle is TK or jj because they are not at the same lvl so I
    do not see why he would not use his talent.. you just talk to much and
    before you tell him he suck just please be somebody lol or train hard so
    one day you should maybe able to face him is too much easy to talk. Thanks
    pussy. :))))

  4. VerticallyUp says:

    Diaz is a nancy boy..!

  5. Tary88 says:

    Fight went kind of like I expected, but Diaz did have his moments. I didn’t
    think he’d land a decent punch to be honest.

  6. martin hall says:

    if nick can telegraph a swift knee b4 gsp can get da takedown we i tell ya
    are in for an historic night

  7. MrUFClaw says:

    is u stupid??what the fuck is this wrestling or mma??if u like wrestling go
    wacht it and keep your oppinions 2 your self stupid ass mfker!!!fucking
    hate gsp and someday i’ll get the chance to say it to his face!!!!this is
    the kind of fighter gsp is, booring like ronda said,i allready said in
    other videos that is gonna be another gsp wrestling mach,what ever go kiss
    gsp in the ass if u like him so much,cunt!!!!! :))))

  8. Clev Eland says:

    OMG you’re really the quintessential die hard Diaz fan. dumb. I said UN
    ABLE TO ADAPT. Not predictable. Two totally different meanings. However,
    now that you mention it the Diaz bros. are also predictable.

  9. Demonstr8ed says:

    With some fantastic boxing, amazing submissions, and pretty much anything
    else he feels like doing. Saying GSP has not changed at all is unrealistic.
    That being said… Doing the same thing has let him defend his title 7
    times. Give the guy a little credit.

  10. dn560 says:

    lets go GSP!

  11. chrisdunn421 says:

    I dont like GSP. But I have gained respect for him because he DIDNT let the
    things Diaz said about him slide. He CHOSE to fight Diaz. Theres no doubt
    GSP is a superior athlete. But is he a superior fighter? IMO Nick Diaz will
    bring the very thing out of GSP that hes been missing…anger. GSP seems
    like he doesnt really want to hurt anybody, while Diaz seems like he wants
    to kill you. The contrast could bring the best out of GSP on his road to
    his 1st elusive KO of a legitimate top 10 guy..

  12. overgrow00 says:

    i wouldn’t call gsp a brawler… hes not the most technical but gsp is as
    far from brawler as possible… (too chicken)

  13. overgrow00 says:

    i know you don’t know what you are watching… but if you learned you would
    change your opinion 180 degrees… hendrix has 10% chance of beating gsp…
    it will look EXACTLY like kos vs gsp. also hendrix arguably lost to both
    pierce and kos. also nick has great takedown defense. can’t stuff 15 of
    prime sherks 17 takedown attempts with “no takedown defense” lol. also he
    has 1 punch ko power big time… 1 punched ko’d lawlerwhen he was ranked
    top 10, also 1 punch put daley down for the tko.

  14. shllaber says:

    Gonna be the shit, gsp is def gonna get the take downs..but Diaz ground
    game is so underatted..against any other guy, but just feel gsp is 1 od
    only guys who can control him on ground. Only see à gsp win..just hope it
    stays standing n that will be something!

  15. NZfightfan says:

    whats with all the diaz fans are stupid shit moron, i spose all gsp fans
    are educated you’re a fucking moron its more like diaz fans like to watch
    exciting fights and fighters, you gsp fans can’t see past a boring
    wrestling strong man contest

  16. Tary88 says:

    Do you know of anyone that has died from cigarettes?

  17. Ionel Playa says:

    ow I’ll tell you, nick diaz got owned.

  18. IronReef77 says:

    Jim Carrey will win!!

  19. overgrow00 says:

    he is ignorant of the fact that the act of smoking cannabis and the act of
    smoking tobacco are not correlated. also i would argue that most people who
    smoke cannabis probably do NOT smoke ciggs.

  20. Albert D says:

    Fuck Georges SAFE Pierre. Diaz will win. Hes not a bad person. The guy took
    a picture with a kid that was dressed up as GSP. You see GSP doing that
    with a Diaz fan/? its all about image. GSP is the champ gets paid big

  21. Chael P. Sonnen says:

    DIAZ 1,2,5

  22. John J. Rambo says:

    Good stuff!

  23. kickurassable says:

    Did you just call Nick Diaz a brawler? lol fucking idiot~

  24. Powermove Promotions says:

    Diaz is not just a brawler,Diaz can box technically, he likes to stay a
    little bit outside and press his opponements back but he is a pretty
    accurate striker and basically he does outboxes his opponements. He does
    take punishment ofcourse but he has the ability to take punishement and
    that allows him to keep constant pressure on his opponement and do more
    damage. The KJ noons fight shows he can box technically really well without
    going forward all the time.

  25. Tary88 says:

    what’s ignorant about what he said?