Georges St. Pierre starts training with Hendricks

It took the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre another grueling five rounds to overcome the challenge of Nick Diaz at UFC 158 last month. And with his next title defense coming up against Johnny Hendricks, the Canadian is once again hitting the gym as he prepares for one of the biggest fights of his glittering career. Many people have been saying that Rush is not in the best of form over the past couple of fights and he has been very hittable.

But some are also saying that having suffered such a long injury layoff, being out of action for almost two years, it is almost a given that he will have to use two or three fights to get back into the grove of things. But it is also being said that for a fighter of his caliber and for someone who is fighting in the UFC, Georges St. Pierre will not get such a long time to get that feeling back.

With Johnny Hendricks looming large on the horizon, Rush needs to get a hold of things and as a result, he has already started training for the match, which is tentatively scheduled for August. Speaking to a local media outlet, Rush stated that he has already started training. He mentioned that he trains all the time, adding that he was already training mere two or three days after the fight against Nick Diaz.

When the two go head to head, Hendricks will try to accomplish what eight other fighters had failed to do before him – defeat Georges St. Pierre and take his UFC Welterweight Championship from him. But if he has things his way, Rush will take Hendricks all the way before giving up the title and his training already is testament to that.

Georges St. Pierre says Brandon Thatch is new MMA star

He doesn’t talk much or give his opinion about anything and everything, but when he does, the Mixed Martial Arts world sits up and takes notice. So, when the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre says the relatively unknown Brandon Thatch is the next big thing in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, there must be some reason behind the comment and if one thing is for certain, it is GSP is very seldom wrong.

Speaking to a local Mixed Martial Arts outlet, the Canadian stated that he believes Thatch could be fighting in the UFC at this very moment, before going on to add that he was quite certain that he would prove how good he actually is in his fight. Thatch is the training partner of Georges St. Pierre, who he recruited for the match against Carlos Condit and used him for his preparation for the fight against Nick Diaz at UFC 158 as well. And it was during the rigorous training sessions that the two of them had which convinced Rush that Thatch has all the makings of a UFC superstar.

He stated that the first time he saw him was before his fight against Carlos Condit, and that he was so impressed that he invited him over to his gym because he needed someone to train with who had that same style. He added that his switch of hands is very fast and moreover, he has a devastating punch as well.

Georges St. Pierre went on to reveal that over time, he has become extremely close with Thatch and he also tries to help him out whenever he possibly can. He stated that he hopes to have given him something just like he had given him in training as well.

Hendricks livid with Georges St. Pierre

Johny Hendricks, one of the highest billed fighters in the Welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC has blasted the reigning UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre after revelations that the Canadian doesn’t view him as one of the main contenders for the championship belt. But according to many fans of the industry, if there is one fighter in the division who deserves a shot at St. Pierre and his UFC Welterweight Championship, it is Hendricks.

He is a former Division I national champion in wrestling, having won the title three times and has a record of 14-1 in Mixed Martial Arts with five of those coming back to back, and that too, against some of the most elite competitions in the industry. That streak began when Hendricks knocked out the then second ranked Welterweight fighter Jon Fitch in just 12 seconds before winning against Josh Koscheck and Martin Kampmann. After defeating The Hitman in November at UFC 154 in November, Hendricks made it clear that he would love a fight against the reigning champion Georges St. Pierre.

He even went on to say that he would wait for his opportunity and was even ready to sit out before he got the chance to come face to face with the champion. And naturally, when Rush decided to take on the fight against Nick Diaz for UFC 158, Big Rigg was extremely perturbed.

But what set him off even more was the reason that Georges St. Pierre for overlooking him for Diaz, where he stated that Diaz deserved the shot even more. Moreover, he had known Hendricks had lost to Koscheck, a man he had beaten via decision. Hendricks will now turn his attentions to Jake Ellenberger when they fight at UFC 158, the same night as GSP’s title defense.

Georges St. Pierre sanctions Nick Diaz fight

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Welterweight Championship holder and arguably one of the best Mixed Martial Artists of all time, Georges St. Pierre has reiterated that it won’t be Johnny ‘Bigg Rigg’ Hendricks but Nick Diaz who will get to fight him next for a chance at the UFC Welterweight Championship, one of the most prestigious prizes in the Zuffa LLC. owned organization. In spite of the recent verbal volleys exchanged between the two Mixed Martial Artists, St. Pierre’s announcement comes as no surprise to fans who follow the sport closely.

Hendricks had recently accused the Canadian of ducking away from him, stating that he might be one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world but he is still afraid of his knock out power and that is the main reason why he is afraid to put the title on the line again, looking for easier opponents, dragging Diaz into the murky war of words between the two athletes. Georges St. Pierre did not want to be drawn into the verbal confrontation against Hendricks and all his accusations managed to get out of the Canadian was a hearty laugh.

Instead of losing his temper and sanctioning a fight against Hendricks, Rush asked Dana White, the president of the UFC to go ahead with the planned match against Nick Diaz as early as possible. According to GSP, his fight against Diaz is the one that the fans are craving for and not against the Bigg Rigg.

Georges St. Pierre, who defeated the interim UFC Welterweight champion Carlos Condit at UFC 154 in Canada to reclaim the title is most likely to go head to head against Diaz in the main event of UFC 158 scheduled to be held in his home town of Montreal, Canada on the 16th of March.