Hendricks livid with Georges St. Pierre

Johny Hendricks, one of the highest billed fighters in the Welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC has blasted the reigning UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre after revelations that the Canadian doesn’t view him as one of the main contenders for the championship belt. But according to many fans of the industry, if there is one fighter in the division who deserves a shot at St. Pierre and his UFC Welterweight Championship, it is Hendricks.

He is a former Division I national champion in wrestling, having won the title three times and has a record of 14-1 in Mixed Martial Arts with five of those coming back to back, and that too, against some of the most elite competitions in the industry. That streak began when Hendricks knocked out the then second ranked Welterweight fighter Jon Fitch in just 12 seconds before winning against Josh Koscheck and Martin Kampmann. After defeating The Hitman in November at UFC 154 in November, Hendricks made it clear that he would love a fight against the reigning champion Georges St. Pierre.

He even went on to say that he would wait for his opportunity and was even ready to sit out before he got the chance to come face to face with the champion. And naturally, when Rush decided to take on the fight against Nick Diaz for UFC 158, Big Rigg was extremely perturbed.

But what set him off even more was the reason that Georges St. Pierre for overlooking him for Diaz, where he stated that Diaz deserved the shot even more. Moreover, he had known Hendricks had lost to Koscheck, a man he had beaten via decision. Hendricks will now turn his attentions to Jake Ellenberger when they fight at UFC 158, the same night as GSP’s title defense.

Georges St. Pierre sanctions Nick Diaz fight

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Welterweight Championship holder and arguably one of the best Mixed Martial Artists of all time, Georges St. Pierre has reiterated that it won’t be Johnny ‘Bigg Rigg’ Hendricks but Nick Diaz who will get to fight him next for a chance at the UFC Welterweight Championship, one of the most prestigious prizes in the Zuffa LLC. owned organization. In spite of the recent verbal volleys exchanged between the two Mixed Martial Artists, St. Pierre’s announcement comes as no surprise to fans who follow the sport closely.

Hendricks had recently accused the Canadian of ducking away from him, stating that he might be one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world but he is still afraid of his knock out power and that is the main reason why he is afraid to put the title on the line again, looking for easier opponents, dragging Diaz into the murky war of words between the two athletes. Georges St. Pierre did not want to be drawn into the verbal confrontation against Hendricks and all his accusations managed to get out of the Canadian was a hearty laugh.

Instead of losing his temper and sanctioning a fight against Hendricks, Rush asked Dana White, the president of the UFC to go ahead with the planned match against Nick Diaz as early as possible. According to GSP, his fight against Diaz is the one that the fans are craving for and not against the Bigg Rigg.

Georges St. Pierre, who defeated the interim UFC Welterweight champion Carlos Condit at UFC 154 in Canada to reclaim the title is most likely to go head to head against Diaz in the main event of UFC 158 scheduled to be held in his home town of Montreal, Canada on the 16th of March.

Condit Showdown to be the Breather

UFC welterweight Georges St-Pierre has seen no turning back until now and that has put him to a position of a potential legend at 170 pounds and also the crown of the best fighter over the years. He has stood almost unmatched among his contemporaries.

However, knee injuries and reconstructive surgery and a full year gap has built up quite a hurdle for the 31-year-old extraordinaire after his last fight in April 2011 against Jake Shields. The main question that is in the air is that will GSP be able to make it back to the position where he had left off.

St-Pierre is however quite confident about it. To him, the year-off has helped him to rediscover his skills and get into a practice and develop new techniques while training which will facilitate his victory.

While at the sidelines, Georges St Pierre has closely watched his fellow champions Jose Aldo (featherweight), Jon (Bones) Jones (light-heavyweight) and his only matched contender Anderson Silva (middleweight) has finished in style at every tournament in their list.

Pierre has the match against Carlos Condit in his eyes right now, a former WEC champion, to get back to his position. Condit has had a decisive victory over Nick Diaz earlier this year with a spectacular kicking skills and agility. In 2010, he had also stood tall against the brutal KO of former welterweight challenger Dan Hardy which even St-Pierre failed to do.

However, Condit is no match for the wrestling skills of Georges St-Pierre. Recently, St-Pierre appeared more interested in putting up a keep-standing fight against accomplished grapplers Shields and Josh Koscheck. Now the match between Carlos Condit and St Pierre will decide whether the taking –down technique will work or the keep-standing technique would outshine. It is for the viewers to see.