Georges St. Pierre vacates Welterweight title

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre has announced that he will take some time off from competing as a Mixed Martial Artist altogether and has vacated his UFC Welterweight Championship belt already, a title he has held since April 2008.

The Canadian announced the news via a media call on Friday. GSP had already put his future up for debate by confirming that he needed some time away from all the fighting and needed some time away from it to resolve some personal issues.

According to St. Pierre, he has been fighting at the very highest level of Mixed Martial Arts for a very long time and it is a pressure cooker situation at the top always. He went on to add that he has realized he needed to take some time off from it. He mentioned that he understands that the UFC is a business and that they cannot wait for him.

Georges St. Pierre admitted that one day, if he felt like it, he might make a comeback to the UFC Octagon but at this particular moment, he needs a break from it.

In his last match inside the UFC Octagon, the Canadian Mixed Martial Arts legend defeated the number one contender Johnny Hendricks at UFC 167 in a controversial decision win to extend his run as the UFC Welterweight champion.

Dana White, the president of the UFC has already announced that Hendricks will take on Robbie Lawler on March 15th for the vacant UFC Welterweight Championship.

Throughout his career, Georges St. Pierre has seen a lot of ups and downs, losing the title in his first defense before winning it back, undergoing knee surgery which put him out for over a year and finally, he has cracked under the pressure of it.

Brown believes he can beat Georges St. Pierre

It might be counted as arrogance if one tends to think that he can beat the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre in the same way that he has beaten almost all of his opponents in the past few years: wrestling.

Matt Brown, another Welterweight fighter in the promotion knows this very well. But now, he has taken it a bit too far by some people’s reckoning to say that he can beat Rush in his own game. Brown has never been afraid to speak his mind; it’s just that he has not had the stage to do it previously. Speaking to recently, Brown stated that he knows exactly where his wrestling stands. He added that it is just a matter of implementing those skills inside the ring with GSP and he knows he can get the better of him, before mentioning that if he was asked to call a wrestling match between him and Georges St. Pierre, he would say he would win hands down.

He understands that people will think he is way over his head and might even consider his comments as ridiculous and the internet will be full of comments about his statements but he is not afraid to call it as he sees it.

Brown believes that Rush hasn’t fought anyone who puts the kind of pressure he will be able to put on him and he feels he can block his takedowns, one of his major tricks to beat opponents. Brown things the best shot Georges St. Pierre has is his takedown and he can block it easily and if people think he is delusional, it is because they haven’t seen him wrestling.

He mentioned he is training with the best wrestlers in the world and he is confident.